There are various ways for Soroptimists to participate in this project.
Unions, clubs, members can:

  1. Nominate a school in need of books
  2. Organise reading events as a fundraising activity
  3. Donate or inspire crowd-funding
  4. Volunteer your expertise to make this project a success

1 . Nominate a school in need of books

If you know of a school that is in need of (reading) books and is interested in implementing the My Book Buddy concept (bookcase and library system), please fill in the application form together with the school board and send it to SIE HQ:


Applications will be forwarded to the Programme team and they will contact you to discuss the way forward.

Before filling in the application we invite you to read
pdf-icon The Principles of My Book Buddy to understand how the system works.

2 . Organise reading events

One idea to raise funds for the project, which was suggested by Union and Single Club Programme Directors who attended the PD training in April 2016, is to organise a sponsored reading day with schoolchildren. Soroptimist Clubs with teachers are asked to organise these events in which children are sponsored to read a page at their schools in the presence of parents, friends, family and neighbours. The motto of such events is “Children read books for children who need books”!

We can suggest the following dates:

  • in the second week of November 2016 (or any other day in November that suits you best).
  • on 23 April 2017 (UN Day of the Book).
  • on 8 September 2017 ( UN Literacy Day).

Let’s make reading fun again and raise the money needed for one bookcase. For every €750. raised (on average), MBB can provide one bookcase with books and rucksacks to one classroom. If each of our 1265 clubs raised this amount, we could outfit 1265 classrooms with books!

3 . Donate or inspire crowd-funding

We sincerely hope all Soroptimists will contribute towards our project in some way. If it is not possible to arrange a reading event, we are happy to accept a donation! The more money we raise, the more books can be distributed to schools, thus encouraging girls to read more. Why not reach out to your families, friends and communities for support? For example, how about starting a crowd-funding movement!  pdf-icon

So, if you would like to donate towards this project, please click  the button for details.

Yes – we want to donate!

4 . Volunteer your expertise

To achieve this ambitious goal of providing access to books for at least 34,000 girls we need a project team with different skills! For example, we need people

  • with communications and social media expertise to support our PR activities
  • to liaise with clubs on the implementation of the concept
  • in each Union to help with translations, to organise reading events and to fundraise

If you would like to help create a fantastic team to make this SIE Federation project a success, please contact SIE Programme Director Marlène van Benthem.