Clubs of SI Austria Support My Book Buddy Federation Project 2015/2017

Until now Clubs of SI Austria have financed some 30 bookcases in Kenya, Nepal, Ghana and Madagascar. While 16 of 57 Clubs sent money, two Clubs engaged in the process of setting up the bookcases in two schools in Nepal and Ghana. In addition, 25 Clubs organised projects on reading and illiteracy, and this number is still growing.

SI Club Murau | Austria

Taking up the initiative suggested by the SIE Programme Team, three reading events have been organised so far in Austria. The first event took place on 11 November. The pupils and teachers of a primary school recognised that children in Austria are lucky because they are able to read books any time they want. This is not the case in other countries. The pupils were thus very proud to invite their parents and others to listen to them reading stories, at an event organised by SI Club Murau.

SI Club Krems | Austria

The second event took place in Krems, where SI Club Krems organised a walk through the city. Instead of a tour guide, children from three schools read legends and stories about the places they visited. They also placed a bookcase in the music school of the city where children can borrow books for free.

SI Club Lungau | Austria

The latest event to take place was in Salzburg where SI Club Lungau/Tamsweg organised a reading event in a school. After explaining the My Book Buddy concept and presenting the school in Madagascar that was to be supported, the event was divided into12 blocks. In each block a group of children read to guests for 20 minutes. After that, the participants changed blocks, and the pupils repeated their reading six times. In the end the children read a total of 1,825 pages during this morning at school! The children as well as teachers and parents were enthusiastic about the project and pleased to be able to donate €1150 for bookcases in Madagascar!

In Madagascar and for the first time, one school has launched  the MBB library system on July 1st, 2017


Soamanjaka, Ampangabe, Antananarivo
In partnership with the SI Union of Madagascar preparing the implementation
The French Union has financed the project
Union President of Madagascar : Lilly Andrianan


Photo : The Union President Lilly Andrianan in the middle of the 2 Clubs Presidents  Antananarivo Doyen and Mandrasoa.

The primary public school of Soamanjaka Nord is situated at 20 km West from the capital Antananarivo. It has 6 classes of which 5 primary levels, 185 children, 106 of which are girls.

The Union president of Madagascar and members of SI clubs of the capital, Antananarivo Doyen and Mandrasoa, have organised a quite festive and solemn ceremony in the presence of the children, parents, teachers, a representant of the Minister of national Education, Mrs the City Mayor, representants of the local authorities and many Soroptimists with their husbands. Raising flags, speeches and folk dances  have animated the ceremony. Refreshments and snacks « in the Malagasy », prepared by the mothers of the children, have closed the festivities.

The children have received their backpacks, printed with MBB and Soroptimist International emblems, for the book they can take home every week.

4 Schools in Kenya Launch My Book Buddy Library Systems

Soroptimist International of Europe and My Book Buddy launch library systems at four schools in Kenya.
The pupils can take the reading books home and share them with other family members.


in close collaboration with SI Club Milimani (Nairobi)
Headteacher – Evans Mahindu


Situated in the rural area, close to Kakamega City, Ivonda Primary School has 598 children, 305 of which are girls. Headteacher Evans Mahindu received the MBB instruction in Kisumu, together with the Yala primary school.

The MBB library system was launched on March 10 in the presence of delegates from the Clubs of SI Kisumu, SI Mumias and SI Kakamega. Parents, community members, the priest, the board of the school and delegates from the governement also attended the launch. The teachers do a great job taking care of the children; children were excited to receive the books and being able to read books every week.

Visitors planted trees to commemorate this launch, including Helma Nijssen from SI Club Bennekom & Beekdal in the Netherlands. She supported the Kenyan clubs in helping to implement the My Book Buddy library system.


In close collaboration with SI Club Millimani – Nairobi
Headteacher Anne Akinyi


Headteacher Anne Akinyi was passionate to come to Kisumu to introduce the MBB programme to the Ivonda and Yala Schools, which was done in close collaboration with Dolphine Anyango, the Programme Director of the SI Kenya.

Parents came to the launch in large numbers and are very enthusiastic about the possibilities for their children.


In close collaboration with SI Club Bennekom & Beekdal, the Netherlands


Unfortunately, there was not enough time before the launch of the programme at all four schools to produce rucksacks with the Soroptimist logo, but preparations have been made for the next batch to include both logos.

When it was established in 2010 St Peter’s School had 30 pupils. As of March 2017, it had 491 pupils, of which 257 were girls. It is divided over 6 primary classes in 4 classrooms. New classrooms for the youngest children were opened during Helma Nijssen’s visit to this school to support the launch of the My Book Buddy library. The buildings will be finished at the end of 2017.

The school already has a few learning books which the children share. But they have no access to reading books.

One of the teachers performed a skit with a pupil to show how MBB works. The children were extremely excited about the possibility to read a book every week. Many local stakeholders attended the launch.


in close collaboration with Club Kisumu – Kenya


Edna Tado, President of SI Club Kisumu, presented the books to the teachers, while Dutch Soroptimist Helma Nijssen looked on.

Situated near Kisumu City in Nyando district the Star of the Morning School is well known among SIE clubs. Run by Director Sesaphina Muga, it is a private school, which means that they do not receive any financial support from the government. The school has 330 pupils of which 181 are girls.

SI Kenya President Dorothy Shiroya was present at the launch as well as many members of SI Club Kisumu and the Union Programme Director Dolphine Anyango.

Participants were welcomed by singing children, and Club members helped plant many trees to mark the event.

Follow the progress of our SIE-MBB Project.

100% = 62 participating coutries

Current state: 45%

100% = 34.000 girls have access to books and can read

Current state: 20%

2016 July 10

At the Governors’ Meeting of Soroptimist International of Europe in Sofia, 20 countries agreed to participate in the Federation project aiming to promoting literacy in partnership with the Dutch organisation My Book Buddy.  See which ones:

Participating Coutries

2016 September 8

Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE), signed a partnership with the Dutch organisation, My Book Buddy (MBB), to provide disadvantaged women and girls with greater access to books in a joint effort to combat illiteracy. “We are pleased to announce this partnership on the 50th anniversary of the UN International Literacy Day,” says SIE President Maria Elisabetta de Franciscis. pdf-icon Press release