FAQ for My Book Buddy

(Frequently Asked Questions)

No, the My Book Buddy library system can be implemented in any school or refugee camp in our European Federation area where books are needed.

This project only provides reading books. The idea is to stimulate reading, not only at school but also at home, where mothers and sisters are afforded the opportunity to read the books that the pupils bring home from school.

No, the books will be bought in the country where they are needed.

No, the My Book Buddy Project is about offering a child the possibility to grow in their reading skills. The level of books should match the age and development of the children. That’s why the My Book Buddy System must be implemented in all classes of the school.

Experience shows that if we implement the system in one school, parents change schools because they want to send their children to the school with the library system. That’s why the My Book Buddy organisation prefers to supply bookcases to every school in the area.

Yes of course! But you have to weigh how large the responsibility is you can bear.

For this project you will be the partner in the implementation of the My Book Buddy system. This could mean that we ask you to look for a carpenter to build the bookcases or for someone to paint them. Your help might also be required to buy the books and rucksacks.

However, your most important task is to be our eyes and ears at the schools and be of help when questions arise, for example from parents or the local government. You are our linking pin to help this project achieve success and promote literacy in your community.

First of all, we want to hear if your club and community is able to donate towards the project and if yes how much. We also suggest you contact your Friendship Links to ask how much they would be willing to contribute.

After we receive your application, the My Book Buddy Organisation will calculate the required budget. If your donations come short, we hope that funds donated to the My Book Buddy account at SIE HQ can make up the different. Otherwise we will communicate your request for financial assistance on our MBB website.

No, taking the responsibility to support the school with implementing the library system, is already a fantastic effort.
Of course it would be great if your club could also do some fundraising, but within your own capabillities. As soon as we receive your application, we will visualize the need for funds on our Website and ask all clubs in our Federation to support you.